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April 19, 2011

Let 1 EDI Source support you in building confidence within EDI/HQ

Have you ever logged on to your EDI system wondering why you haven’t gotten orders, only to find that your Task Scheduler was hung-up? Have you ever been confused or bewildered when setting up scheduled tasks to run your EDI jobs?

Well, it’s time to put an end to relying on scheduled tasks to run your EDI processing. Introducing Triggers, one more groundbreaking feature we’ve added to the already industry-leading EDI/HQ™ software from 1 EDI Source . Schedule-based Triggers allow you to set up jobs to run inside of EDI/HQ, without having to rely on external Task Schedulers. File-based triggers can automatically launch when a specified file exists or exceeds a specified file size.

You can easily set up a Trigger that will automatically start your process as you see fit! Want it to run every 10 minutes or every hour? No problem. Want it to send you a report once a month? It will handle that for you with ease! Need it to launch your invoicing job automatically when a specific file is found? Done! And since this feature is in EDI/HQ™, while you are checking other things on your system, you can quickly glance and see that all your documents processed as expected.

When setting up your EDI/HQ™ solution, there are many tools available to help you to automate. The more the program does on its own, the more time is saved for you to perform other business tasks.

Because Triggers are a part of EDI/HQ™, they use the same comprehensive alert system that you benefit from with all the aspects of EDI/HQ™. Instead of logging on to see your Task Scheduler frozen, you can get a text message telling you that a Trigger has been stopped and also giving you important details about it. When calling a program from most task schedulers, the communication between the two lacks appropriate information about the status of a task that ran.

But several different alerts are built into EDI/HQ™. If a task is scheduled to run but the prior task is still running, you can be alerted. It will report on the missed job as well as the job that is still running. If a task runs longer than the specified run time, you can be alerted to that, too. A number of benefits can come from running tasks from your EDI program. For example, you will have high level visibility and immediate notification if any issues arise.

You will also be able to utilize the monitoring tools and audit trails available within EDI/HQ™ to review any scenario.

EDI/HQ™ is built to be user friendly and understandable, and Triggers just add to that functionality. They are yet another reason why EDI/HQ™ is an innovating product and will continue to be for many years to come. You took the time to set up automated processes to run your EDI program at the times you see fit. Let EDI/HQ’s Trigger functionality execute those processes for you!

Whether you choose to implement schedule-based triggers, file-based triggers or a combination of the two types, you’ll be able to optimize your automation while keeping it simple and all within EDI/HQ™! Let Triggers, combined with all of the other great features of EDI/HQ™, save you valuable time for other business needs. Give us a call at 1 EDI Source to learn more about this and all the other wonderful features in EDI/HQ™!