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October 3, 2017

Tractor Supply Company has upgraded their EDI software in order to provide a better partner experience.

As part of this upgrade the current TSC EDI ID for the Store/DC transactions below will be changing on 10/25/17 at 0900 CDT.

This change will only affect transactions currently using EDI ID 08/6120930000. This will not affect the 856 transactions at this time.

The New EDI IDs:

  • Test ID: 08/6120930015
  • Production ID: 08/6120930014


Tractor Supply needs vendors to respond to the email they receive regarding this information informing them whether you will be able to make the change at the time above. For correct association, provide them with your six-digit vendor number(s) starting with 5.

For EDI 3rd Party Providers and Vendors with In-house EDI

  • On 10/25/17 at 0900 CDT, cutover all production transactions using 08/6120930000 to 08/6120930014
  • Documents still in testing will restart testing using 08/6120930015 at this time

For Vendors Using an EDI 3rd Party Provider

  • Contact your EDI 3rd Party to verify that the update has been applied to your account by 10/26/17

Email Tractor Supply Company with questions concerning this EDI update at edicoordinator@TractorSupply.com

For more information on how you can become compliant with Tractor Supply or any other trading partner you may have, Contact 1 EDI Source Today!