Top 10 Reasons to Move to AS2 EDI Communications

July 6, 2011

Top 10 Reasons to Move to AS2 Communications

1. Save Money – Immediately eliminate VAN fees currently being paid by both parties by switching to AS2. 1EDISource can help calculate your ROI. Call (877)334-1334 for immediate assistance.

2. Speed – With AS2 Complete your data is sent directly to your Trading Partner eliminating the time lag when data is sent through a traditional VAN.

3. Security – Message content is protected by data encryption and digital signatures.

4. Receipt Confirmations – With the use of standard MDNs you have instant proof that a transmission was sent and received.

5. Mandated by Trading Partner – More and more companies today are mandating the use of AS2.

6. Control – How many times do you have to call your VAN to resend or see if a transmission was “lost”? With AS2 Complete you have 24/7 availability and instant access to your transmissions. Full logging in AS2 Complete ensures that every detail of communications is recorded for future review.

7. Non-EDI Transmissions – Traditional VANs are limited to just sending EDI transmissions. With AS2 any kind of data (XML, PDFs, JPEGs, etc) may be sent not just EDI.

8. Time – Reduce the time and effort to identify “lost” transactions. AS2 Complete provides an easy to use interface to monitor all transactions.

9. Flexibility – Increase flexibility in not only handling Trading Partner transmissions but also in Trading Partner set-up and management.

10. Simplicity – No more waiting on VANs to setup interconnects and no more interconnect fees. AS2 Complete has a simple to use, intuitive interface with built in advanced alerts and built in intuitive filters.

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