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May 5, 2009

One feature available in EDI Complete that you may not know about is archiving.

Archiving can be used for several purposes. Archived transactions would always be available if they are needed at a later time. A user can choose to archive documents that are last year’s, last month’s, or any time frame he or she desires in order to allow easier searching of current transactions. Specific transactions such as notices from trading partners can be archived as well.

The determination of when to archive which transactions is completely up to the user. Your EDI Consultant can suggest the optimal archiving for you and your needs. This is one more great way EDI Complete can be used to make handling EDI easier and quicker.

For more information about how EDI Complete can make your life and your company more productive call us! If you are already an EDI Complete user and wish to take full advantages of archiving call your Professional Services Consultant today!