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June 7, 2013

Activating multithreading in EDI/HQ™ allows processing of many files to complete sooner 

Multithreading is very beneficial when working with many files at once as each additional thread allows an additional file to be processed at the same time as another. When the data is being written to a file, make sure there is some method to ensure unique file names. One way is to use the ‘GUID’ operator when creating the file name.

While EDI/HQ is working with a file, it is locked from editing. Processing many files to be written to a single file name will error due to file being locked. The ‘GUID’ operator allows the file name to contain to truly unique file name in which a new file will be created for each transaction.

Multithreading is a great feature allowing accelerated processing times when handling many transactions. Paired with randomly generated file names, it is a solid solution in reducing processing times.

If you’d like assistance setting this up or for more information please contact your EDI consultant.