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November 23, 2015

If you’ve got downtime during the holidays, here’s a quick checklist to help start the New Year right.

If you’re like me, you’ve either blown through your time off or you’re holding out for nicer weather. Whatever the case, you’ll be one of the folks stuck in the office over the holidays. But truly, there’s no better time to perform the critical system cleanups or optimization functions that you’ve been putting off, since not doing it can lead to wasted resources and result in business slowdown, or worse, hinder future growth. Here are three tasks to help optimize your EDI system.

1. Convert your maps

If you haven’t yet converted your maps from .MAP to .HQM, now is the time. Your .HQM maps will execute faster, provide additional functionality, and will be easier to debug. Plus, the new map format is written in .NET eliminating FoxPro code and soon the .MAP format will no longer be supported. Converting now will allow you to be able to take advantage of future enhancements and upgrades, and we have tools that will assist with your conversion.

 2. Create a maintenance routine

This should include the automated archive process within EDI/HQ. Devote a data source to archive, create the process and job, and schedule. You may also want to routinely purge your job history—you’ll be surprised at how this improves system performance and can be seen almost immediately in the user interface and response time.

3. Update to SQL standards

Provides for removal of yet another FoxPro component and you’ll see marked improvement in the validation and mapping processes within EDI/HQ . It’s simple to configure and will allow for a single set of standards to be used for all EDI/HQ installations and/or data sources. Performing these system optimization tasks will improve not only your system performance, but also the general user interface of the system.

For more information on how to perform these three tasks, you can contact your client representative directly, call 1.855.356.8183 or send us an email sales@1edisource.com.