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December 3, 2012

This article also is available on info.algorithminc.com where 1 EDI Source appeared as a guest blogger.

Implementing a new electronic data interchange (EDI) solution for your business can be exciting, yet overwhelming. Whether you have an in-house EDI staff or a designated person or department, training is a valuable tool to enhance your EDI knowledge. With a variety of EDI solutions available, it’s important to choose an EDI provider that’s able to supply your team with the proper information, tools and resources to ensure not only a smooth implementation, but also ongoing success.

EDI training options and how each one can benefit your team, streamline business operations and enhance your EDI knowledge:

1. Online
Online EDI training is a valuable and convenient method for team education. Employees can join the training session from work, home or on the road. Training sessions covering topics such as “EDI 101” or “EDI Best Practices” provide employees with a well-rounded foundation of information – even if they are not directly working with the EDI solution themselves.

The training information covered should be made available to all attendees following the session to keep as reference material. It’s important to find an EDI software provider that offers relevant, affordable and continuous online training.

2. On-premise
Once your EDI solution is implemented, it’s critical that key users within your organization understand the mapping process and system capabilities. A well-equipped classroom with individual computers provides the ideal atmosphere for class participants to work at a comfortable pace while learning an EDI solution.

This provides a hands-on learning approach in EDI training that allows students to gain familiarity with the same software that they’ll use in their workplace. Check with your EDI provider to make sure that the class sizes are small enough for students to receive individualized attention and provide ample time and resources to answer business-specific questions.

3. Customized
When working with an EDI provider during the implementation stage and in identifying ongoing training for key users, flexibility is crucial. Business duties may not permit travel time for a training course, or an online training session may not focus on a user-specific question.

A one-on-one or group online meeting with an EDI consultant caters to particular EDI solution questions. Customized training is also a great tool, as part of a support plan, to train users in a step-by-step fashion to ensure maximum user comprehension and solution effectiveness.

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