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February 2, 2009

ASN Complete

Advance Ship Notice, Advance Shipping Notice, Advance Shipment Notice, 856 EDI Transaction so many terms for the same thing! What they all mean and how they are used depends, of course, on your perspective.

Short and sweet – the ASN tells your customer what you’re shipping to them. ASN Complete from 1 EDI Source, Inc. focuses on the shipping end of this process and fulfills all requirements from the customer’s perspective.

ASN Complete provides information about the shipment from the carrier perspective, and includes information about the purchase orders for the customer’s viewpoint.

Complete shipment details are provided, including: Bills of Lading numbers, carrier name and SCAC code, delivery date, number of cartons/pallets, and addresses. From the customer’s point of view, the ASN includes the purchase order numbers, and details for the items being shipped such as item ID and quantity shipped.

This information is fairly obvious in the relationship between supplier and customer, but the one additional piece of information from the customer’s perspective is:

What’s in the box?

This last critical question is answered by linking what’s in the box, PO Number, item ID and quantity, to a uniquely numbered, and bar coded, shipping label affixed to each box (or pallet).

This is the GS1-128 (previously UCC-128) shipping label.

ASN Complete creates this label, linking everything in the box, to the exact shipment heading to your customer – in effect covering the complete perspective in this supply chain process.

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