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February 15, 2012

852 Product Activity Data Transaction Set,

Most large retail trading partners are capable of sending weekly and often times daily 852 product activity reports. However, due to the fact the 852 is an after sale report, most trading partners do not include it within the required documents bundle needed to setup an EDI relationship so you may not be aware of it.

At this point you may be thinking if it isn’t required, then why should I worry about it? The 852 can be a powerful tool if fully utilized. Knowing the specific store location and geographic region your product is being sold in down at the UPC level is an advantage in predicting future sales requirements, which in turn will allow your warehouse to effectively forecast inventory replenishment and lead time.

Inventory on hand, quantity on order, quantity received, and returned products are other standard activity measures that are commonly available on the 852 transaction set. One of our goals at 1 EDI Source is to offer EDI solutions that are cost effective and beneficial to your company regardless of its size. If you already have an existing ERP system that can data mine the 852 information – great.

However, even without an elaborate ERP system it is still possible to utilize the 852 to your advantage.

With our EDI WebSource solution we can create a custom page layout that will display the 852 data in an organized format making it easy to view your sales data.

The second method involves exporting the data in a formatted file (comma delimited, fix length record, etc.) to an FTP folder where it can be retrieved. When compared to the EDI WebSource screen, the formatted file option offers higher flexibility when it comes to organizing and manipulating the data.

For instance, a comma delimited file can be imported directly into Excel allowing you to view the data with pivot tables and data filters. ERP system or not, we can help you access and utilize your 852 activity reports.

If you have questions as to whether or not your current trading partners offer 852 reports, or if you are interested in finding out more about the 852 transaction, please contact your dedicated consultant for more information.