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June 5, 2012

What is the 832 EDI Transaction Set?

The EDI transaction set 832 is known as a sales catalog. The EDI 832 sales catalog transaction is frequently exchanged between manufacturers and retailers.

Manufacturers rely on EDI 832 sales catalogs to send vital product information to retailers with whom they do business. The 832 document conveys product information and prices.

In order to expedite the EDI 832 sales catalog documents, you can integrate the receipt and processing of 832 documents right into your purchasing software. Integrating the flow of information from an 832 catalog into a company’s purchasing or ERP system is easily handled using EDI/HQ Software.

There may be companies which still conduct business by accepting paper or faxed orders. However, the need to streamline processes, reduce costly errors, and respond to partners promptly, are speeding the adoption of electronic business processes and communication.

So, how does a start-up working on a shoestring budget obtain this capability? If you have access to an Internet connected computer, you already have the means to begin.

Understanding the financial and time constraints of start-ups, we at 1 EDI Source, Inc., offers our EDI/HQ service to provide a low cost entry into EDI communications.

Our consultative approach to implementation and support will find the best fit for your business needs, whether you already have some familiarity with EDI standards or have no idea what an X12 850 document is.

Also, you can count on access to a dedicated consultant who will learn your business requirements and partner with you, instead of a random help desk tech, in order to answer your questions and help resolve future issues.

In the next Newsletter we will continue this article with, EDI – Step Two. This second installment will present options available to a company’s EDI needs grow.