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October 3, 2017

Target has implemented purchase order EDI changes that include Purchase Order Number Format and New Item Identifiers.

Vendor Action is Needed by December 15, 2017

What Changes Have Been Made?

Purchase Order Number format (ACTION NEEDED: see Purchase Order EDI Change Implementation Guide)

  • The 4-digit department number will no longer be appended at the beginning of Target’s PO number
  • An 11-digit purchase order number will take the place of the 7-digit number

New Item Identifier (Inform Only)

  • Information will be added to Target’s EDI Guidelines to describe the future addition of TCIN (Target Corporation Item Number), to make our EDI documents consistent.
  • Note: TCIN will NOT be added to any of your inbound EDI documents sent from Target today if you’re not already receiving it.

How does this impact your company?

  • During the transition your company may receive EDI files with PO numbers in both the old and new PO format.
  • Your company’s systems must accept both old and new PO formats on all inbound EDI files from Target.
  • The same PO format must be returned back to Target on all outbound EDI files related to that Purchase Order in order to ensure no payment, replenishment, or transportation disruption.
  • These updates do NOT impact DVS purchase orders.
  • Failure to complete the following steps by December 15, 2017 may result in your inability to process EDI files from Target and impact your payment if the PO Number is not sent back correctly on EDI documents to Target.
  • If your company is not currently doing business with Target, but will be doing business with Target on December 15th, 2017 or thereafter, you will still be required to make the updates contained in this communication.

Steps to Complete by December 15, 2017

Questions About Target EDI

For questions regarding this change, you should first inquire with your own EDI or IT team or your third party EDI service provider.

For EDI mapping questions, contact Target’s ECSC at EDI.helpdesk@target.com or 612-304-3310, option 1 between 7am-5pm CST.

For any other questions, please email Purchase.Order@target.com. Please note that a high volume of email is expected in response to this communication and the Level of Service will be 5 days. Do not send multiple requests within this timeframe. If you reach out to the inbox, you will receive a response but be patient while messages are worked through in the order they’re received.

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