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April 5, 2012

What is this? Target LTL Carrier Change

This is a weekly email to remind you that Target.com will be changing less than truckload (LTL) carriers from DB Schenker to Pilot. This change will take effect on Tuesday, April 10, 2012. Current LTL orders should continue to ship through DB Schenker/Estes (as previously communicated, DB Schenker is partnering with Estes to ship LTL orders).

If you are currently experiencing difficulties completing your shipment with DB Schenker/Estes please contact DVS.Shipping@target.com immediately. Some vendors have experienced issues with pickup due to DB Schenker representatives informing them that they will no longer be handling freight requests. DB Schenker is under contract with Target.com to pickup freight through our migration date with Pilot. It is possible that DB Schenker is no longer doing pickup for other clients but DB Schenker is in a unique situation with Target.com and has agreed to continue picking up freight through our migration date with Pilot.

Pilot started contacting DVS vendors and will continue to do so over the next few weeks. They will provide training and support as well as answer questions you may have for them in regard to this change.

Action required

Starting Tuesday, April 10th, you will ship all open LTL shipments via Pilot starting on the migration date that is communicated to you. Orders received prior to the migration date that already have a pickup request made through DB Schenker will continue to ship through DB Schenker, even if the pickup date is after the Pilot migration date. Orders received prior to the migration date that don’t have a pickup request made through DB Schenker must be shipped out through Pilot.

These orders will require you to manually update the SCAC Code from BNAF to PAAF in the EDI 856. Failure to make this manual update will result in a poor guest experience because the guest will not have visibility to track their package. The most important thing is to ensure the SCAC returned to Target matches the carrier that tendered the shipment.

Do not bill Target.com for freight charges other than what you’re currently billing to Target’s DB Schenker Account. Shipments made using account numbers other than those assigned by Target.com ( This includes Pilot shipments that occur before the notification and implementation date, which will be announced in an upcoming communication) WILL NOT BE REIMBURSED NOR CAN CHARGES BE TRANSFERRED TO TARGET.COM.

Questions or Concerns

More information about this change to our LTL network will be communicated on a weekly basis throughout this transition period. These changes will be updated on www.PartnersOnline.com as well as communicated in our monthly DVS newsletter. If you have immediate questions or concerns please email dvs.shipping@target.com.