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May 14, 2010

Target will be upgrading their 214 mapping to reflect the 5010 version, read the details straight from Target below.

We are asking all of our Carrier’s who are currently sending the 4020 version of the 214’s to comply by using these new maps. Testing will be required and we here in EDI are happy to work with you in partnership to make this change. Please contact us when ready to start testing.

The compliance date is scheduled and set for August 31th. We do not expect that date to be extended. We are inviting you to contact EDI and we will assist our Carriers with 214 testing till our compliance date.

When the compliance date is due. Any Carriers that have not yet responded by contacting Transportation EDI and either started the process or are in communication with us will have their 214 converted to the 5010 version automatically. Your data would then feed into Target’s Test environment. This Would delay transmission data and we encourage all of our Carriers not to wait till then.

This is the 214 version 5010 testing instructions:

Please send a test using the production Sender/Receiver ID’s currently used now with a “T” in the ISA15. Once you receive your 997 or have questions, please contact EDI and work with our Transportation Specialists. Our EDI implementation and testing phone number is: 612 304-3310, select option 1 for EDI and then option 2 for Transportation or email kevin.acord@target.com 

Contact 1 EDI Source to become EDI compliant with Target or any other trading partner you may have.