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July 28, 2008

Supervalu Portland Vendor Trading Partner Update

Effective September 8, 2008, we will transition our “Albertson’s” Portland distribution center to the Supervalu “Standardized” procurement systems.

This will affect all departments within the Portland DC. The Supervalu merchandising and supply chain teams have invested a great amount of effort and planning into this project and we need your help and participation to ensure a smooth transition.

Your company has been identified as a current Portland vendor. All Portland vendor partners should receive a “Standardized” Portland DC “test” purchase between August 4th and August 15th. You are asked to verify acknowledgment of the test PO as soon as you receive it. Then, on September 8th, our vendor partners will begin seeing “live” Portland purchase orders in support of the standardized transition.

Below you will find the EDI-related information for the Portland transition.

If you are currently exchanging EDI documents with the legacy Albertsons Portland DC facility, we will automatically flag you to begin EDI with our new standardized Portland facility. Please update your systems to include the updated information for the Portland facility.