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June 9, 2010

There is an upcoming standardization of all corporate SUPERVALU EDI processes onto the single strategic SUPERVALU EDI platform, expected to be completed during June 2010.

The SUPERVALU EDI group is poised to complete an initiative started shortly after the SUPERVALU / Albertsons acquisition was announced four years ago — to standardize the five EDI processes into a single EDI solution. The last EDI process to be standardized onto the new platform is the legacy Albertsons EDI system in Boise, Idaho. The migration development has been completed and we are in the final phase of thorough testing. We have tested with select vendors to ensure this migration is seamless to all our vendors.

You should notice no difference in where you send data to/receive data from, the EDI ID’s, or the data content. Routing changes will be internal to SUPERVALU/Albertsons. The file delivery relationships, including VAN traffic, are unaffected by this migration. …

If you have any questions or concerns about this EDI migration (that should be transparent to you), please send an email to EC.Helpline@SUPERVALU.com.