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April 23, 2010

Important Message About Staples IP Address Change, read about the updates in the information below straight from Staples.

Our IT department is underway to change the IP address of our Gentran/GIS server which is in Marlborough data center. As a result of this change, Gentran/GIS server will get a new IP address starting Sunday, April 18th, 2010 12:00am . This is likely to impact only the external trading partners where Gentran/GIS is reaching out to partner’s FTP site to push or pull the data and if partner has a firewall rule to check our IP address. In this event, partner has to put the new IP address in the firewall. As part of this upgrade, IP Addresses will change. This change will affect companies that validate IP addresses in their firewall to authenticate the external system.

If your Company validates IP addresses and does not make the address change, the external systems cannot access your systems until your IS/IT networking team updates your validation tables with the addresses below. Partners who validate IP Addresses: Networking groups at these companies must add the new IP addresses (shown below) to their internal validation tables to insure end-users’ uninterrupted access after the upgrade. This can be done at any time in advance of the upgrade, while leaving the current IP’s in place until after the upgrade is successfully completed. A list of Frequently Asked Questions is below for your reference.

If you have further questions, please e-mail vendor_edi@staples.com with IP Address Change in the subject line.

New IP Addresses **Please keep the old IP address as it is and add the new IP address in the firewall in case the network team has to rollback the change on April 18th.

1. What is an IP address?

An IP (Internet Protocol) address is a unique numeric address that eCommerce systems use to identify and communicate with each other on a computer network—in other words, it is a computer address. While many Companies doing business via the internet do so via URLs (i.e. www.stapleslink.com ), others prefer to validate IP addresses, and do so by specifying them within their firewall validation tables.

2. Why are the IP addresses changing?

We are upgrading the servers in order to support our continued growth and to prepare for future enhancements to the website. The current IP addresses are specific to the current physical environment, therefore customers who validate IP addresses will not be able to reach us after the upgrade unless the new IP addresses are added.

3. What is cache?

Cache is temporary storage space on your hard disk where recently viewed web pages are held. Cache allows you to quickly load a previously visited web page without having to reload the page and its images from the web server on subsequent visits.

4. Why do companies cache web pages?

This is typically done to improve their network’s performance. However, companies using newer technologies typically schedule nightly clearing of cache.

5. Who needs to know about the change?

If your customers’ systems validate IP address their internal IS/IT networking teams will need to know that the IP addresses are changing. We recommend that the new IP addresses be added to your customers’ infrastructure in advance of the change. That will insure that end-users experience uninterrupted connectivity. It’s important that your customers’ internal IS/IT networking teams receive this information.

6. Should customers eliminate our current IP addresses?

No. Customers should not eliminate our current IP addresses from their validation tables until after our upgrade is completed.

7. What happens if your customers don’t make the address change?

If the customers that validate IP addresses do not make the change, then Staples system will not be able to pick up or drop the files form/to customers system. For the customers that do not validate IP addresses, no change is necessary.

8. If the IP address changes are not made before the upgrade, can they be changed afterwards?

Yes, they can. However, for those customers that require IP address validation, they will not be order until their validation tables have been updated with the new IP addresses.

9. Who do I contact if I have questions?

Send an email to vendor_edi@staples.com with IP Address Change in the subject line or contact your Staples Account Manager.