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May 9, 2013

Edit EDI with SmartEDit

Attempting to edit raw EDI can sometimes result in creating bad data. In an effort to reduce this potential, EDI/HQ™ has been fitted with a feature that allows for the editing of raw EDI utilizing a user interface that matches the standards version of the transaction being edited. Named ‘SmartEDIt’, this feature has many benefits.

SmartEDIt is available from the View EDI Data window. Clicking on ‘SmartEDIt’ opens a form that places segments and elements in a layout that is editable. The segments shown come directly from the imported data’s body.
It includes dropdown selections for codes/qualifiers that are relevant to the elements, eliminating the need to research codes and qualifiers. Additionally, by using SmartEDIt, you don’t have to worry about counting delimiters in order to ensure the correct element is being added.

‘SmartEDIt’ was designed for users who require a quick and easy way to manipulate data on the fly. This is beneficial to anyone who needs to edit raw EDI data. Editing data just became smarter! This feature does require licensing, so before using SmartEDIt , make sure your EDI/HQ license key has ‘SmartEDIt’ enabled. If it’s not, please contact your 1 EDI Source sales representative.