Smart and Final Migration Notice

November 4, 2009

A strong supplier/customer relationship is critical to operating a successful business in today’s ever-increasing competitive environment.

Smart & Final Stores, LLC continues to find ways to strengthen our relationship with you. To that goal, Smart & Final Stores, LLC has selected Edict Systems, EnterpriseEC service, as our Valued Added Network provider. Our ultimate goal is to increase and enhance our electronic interaction with all of our business partners.

On Monday, November 2, 2009 at 10:00 AM, Eastern Standard Time, Smart & Final Stores, LLC will be moving its EDI Qualifiers and IDs over to the EnterpriseEC network.

In order to make this transition as transparent as possible, Edict Systems will set up the partnerships and notify your VAN on your behalf. Please note that the existing Qualifiers and IDs for Smart & Final Stores, LLC will remain the same:

Smart & Final Test ID08926859000T2135868560
Smart & Final Prod ID089268590000FTP2135868560
Cash N Carry ID089268590000CC9268590000CC

Records at Edict Systems, Inc. indicate that a direct connection is already established between Edict and your company OR your VAN.

    • If your connection is direct to Edict Systems, Inc. Please update your routing to send and receive data via the direct connect to Edict on the specified move date.
    • If your connection is not direct to Edict, Edict will notify your VAN, and they will make the change on your behalf.

Please return the form, if applicable, to [email protected] If you have any questions regarding the migration please email [email protected] . We thank you for your attention to this important matter and we look forward to continuing our EDI partnership.


Scott Gero
Director, Supply Chain Systems
Smart & Final Stores, LLC