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March 10, 2008

Shipsmart / POV Announcement and Upgrade Release

On Monday March 10, 2008 users of Shipsmart/POV will begin experiencing a simplified and improved transportation routing experience. Based on feedback from our internal and external partners, months of work have gone into improving our vendor’s interaction with the Shipsmart system and significant steps have been made removing unneeded and confusing information.

What Has Changed


    • Vendors no longer need to calculate a shipment ready date that matches their assigned managed ship day. Allowable shipment ready dates are automatically provided based on the size of the shipment.
    • Vendors receive immediate feedback on their requested shipment ready date and they are notified if the chosen date will allow the order to arrive on-time or late.
    • Vendors will no longer need to consider confusing date parameters in our system.

What Has Not Changed


    • Vendors must still verify their purchase orders within their source order processing time.
    • Accurate dimensional information is critical when verifying purchase orders.
    • If a ‘late’ shipment ready date is selected, an STA date extension is automatically sent to the inventory analyst for approval.


Attached is a screen shot of the updated vendor verification screen. This is the primary change vendors will see.


Upcoming Managed Ship Day Changes


In April, changes will made to assigned managed ship days in many areas of the country. These changes will affect Sears and Kmart vendors and are necessary to account for shifting vendor volume, capacity constraints for vendors and carriers, and to optimize our management of Kmart and Sears purchase orders.

Additional information will be communicated in March.