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September 2, 2010

Sherwin-Williams Richmond Plant Conversion

This letter is to inform you that Sherwin-Williams is converting our Richmond Plant’s manufacturing and ordering system to the same manufacturing and ordering systems that are utilized by the rest of our plant locations.

The conversion is scheduled for the weekend of 8/28/2010.

If you are an existing Sherwin-Williams EDI trading partner, you will begin receiving EDI documents for a new Sherwin-Williams site as of this date.

The name and address information for the Richmond site is:

The Sherwin-Williams Company
Richmond Plant
395 Boggs Lane South
Richmond, KY 40475

What WILL change

* The SW site number on the old manufacturing system of ‘RIC’ will be ‘638’ on the new system.  * The SW assigned vendor number on the old manufacturing system will change to your currently assigned EDI vendor number.
* Part numbers may change (a SW to vendor part number list can be provided upon request).

What WILL NOT change

* EDI ID’s
* Communications (VAN)
* EDI mapping requirements

While we expect a seamless migration, as with any conversion there is always a possibility that issues will arise.

If you experience any problems or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Sherwin Williams EDI Support Team at ecommerce@sherwin.com.

Thank you for your partnership,

The Sherwin-Williams EDI Team