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June 10, 2013

With the release of EDI/HQ™ 3.2.4 comes new features.

Which can help you in your everyday EDI management?  Check the list to see:

• Map designer for transforming application data to EDI has been rewritten. This total redesign includes creating the designer to be similar in behavior, as well as look and feel, to the EDI to Application Data map designer.

• Business Sense tracking of changes with EDI data has been added. Users can implement this to notify of changes to the EDI, such as price and terms.

• Smart EDI is now available in View EDI Data, giving the user an advance editor which allows for targeted manual manipulation of EDI.

• The ability to configure and run Ad Hoc reports is now in HQ. There are also new processes that allow running, printing, publishing and e-mailing Ad Hoc Reports.

• Addition of options for Secure Mail Authentication.

• New functionality is now available in the FTP operators, enabling commands to be run both before and after connecting to the FTP server.

• Mapping has been enhanced to insure first in, first out order.

• For parsed (SDQ) PO’s that include the SDQ23 element, we now include that value in an N201 that will be found immediately following the N1*ZZ* segment. Due to parsing now using both the store locations and the SDQ23 values, it is now possible to have PO’s with multiple identical store numbers.

• New operators have been added to the Mapper/Map Designer for transforming Julian dates and also for delimited list manipulation (return the position of data within the list, return the data at a position) using variables.

• Enhancements to outbound XML file definitions to better handle Schema files, namespaces (including default namespaces), as well as validation options.

• The Help menu now includes a direct link to the EDI/HQ Wiki.

For more information on these and any of our previously added features, please contact 1 EDI Source today.