(877) 334-9650
March 30, 2009

Please note that the Sears Holdings EDI Support e-mail addresses are changing. Effective immediately, edihelp@searshc.com and edigroup@searshc.com should no longer be used, so please remove them from your e-mail contacts lists. For the timeliest response to your EDI related inquiries, please send an e-mail to the following areas:

Questions regarding:

– EDI testing – startup@searshc.com
– Receipt of documents (including missing or late 997’s)
– edicontractsupport@searshc.com
– EDI 810’s and 812’s – apgeis@searshc.com
– EDI 820’s – a/peft@searshc.com
– Any other EDI production issues
– searsedi@searshc.com

Be sure to including the following information in your email:

– Vendor name
– Order duns #
– Sender/Receiver ID
– ISA control # and date
– Specify if the order is for Sears or Kmart
– Detailed description of the problem
– The error report or message you received, if applicable

If you have questions, send an email to searsedi@searshc.com.