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June 29, 2010

It is important that you follow the UPS Shipping System requirements below:

This is to ensure the proper information is populated and printed on the UPS shipping label, as well as the reports Sears Holdings receives from UPS.

The correct information MUST be entered into the Reference Number 1 and Reference Number 2 fields on screen 1 under the “Service” tab.

In “Reference Number 1”, enter the 4-digit destination RSC, RDC, NSC or store unit number preceded by two zeros (“00NNNN”).

In “Reference Number 2”, enter the 11-digit Sears or Kmart purchase order number for DC shipments or 9-digit purchase order number for direct-to-store shipments.

These requirements are included in the Shipping & Transportation Routing section of the Kmart Vendor Information Guide and Sears Vendor Information Guide (as applicable).

Please be sure to follow these requirements, as well as all of the other requirements in the section.

Refer to the attached file for an illustration of the UPS Shipping System and the Reference Number 1 and Reference Number 2 fields.

Download the Sears UPS Requirements:

Sears Holdings UPS Requirements.pdf