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October 17, 2017

Saks Fifth Avenue is updating their EDI 850 Purchase Order Mapping adding a MSG segment effective January 10, 2018.

These changes apply to vendors of Saks Fifth Avenue and Off 5th stores. For vendors that wish to test this new MSG segment prior to its release in January, Saks Fifth Avenue is making testing available starting October 17, 2017. They have provided the link below to submit a test PO request.

Test PO Request Here

To learn more about Saks Fifth Avenue’s EDI updates and compliance requirements, read through their updated EDI Specifications in the link below. All new changes are highlighted in red throughout the document and updates concerning this change are on page 24.

Saks Fifth Avenue EDI Mapping Specifications 

Get a sample of the raw MSG EDI data in the link below.

Saks Fifth Avenue Sample Raw Data with New MSG Segment

Saks Fifth Avenue also released new Shipment Accuracy Chargebacks that went live October 1, 2017.

These compliance changes include large penalties for shipment errors and a vendor audit program that vendors with a certain error rate will be placed into.

  • Vendor Audit Program, $1000 per month charge
  • DC Printed Tickets Sent to Vendor

Read the Article Here for all the details on this important update.

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