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April 3, 2008

EDI Invoice Transactions to Rite Aid

April 1, 2008

Dear Trading Partner:


Attention :EDI/E-Commerce Department


The purpose of this notice is to reaffirm our EDI policy and procedures as it pertains to the submission of EDI invoices. The objective here is to reduce errors and improve on the data quality of the transaction and compliance with EDI specifications. Therefore, towards that end, we would like to reiterate the following:


A. General Supplier requirements as it pertains to EDI invoice compliance and performance metrics can be accessed through our Supplier Portal web site http://raportal.riteaid.com/RA/RAPORTAL/RAMN0001.aspx

B. Current EDI invoice (810) mapping specification has been recently updated and is available on our web site at http://www.riteaidediservices.com/ as well as, through our Fax-on-demand service at 888-796-3686.

C. If an invoice is received that fails EDI validation the vendor will be notified by a return EDI Functional Acknowledgement (FA 997) as well as, an Email notification apprising of the issue.


FA 997 with errors:

The following segments will appear in the FA 997 identifying the errors, and the location of each error.

    • AK2 – will identify the transaction and the transaction ID number.
    • AK3 – will identify the segment, record position, and Loop ID.
    • AK4 – will identify the Element position & ID number, syntax error code (which can be found in the X12 standards) and the data sent in the segment in error.
    • AK5 – will contain an acknowledgment code of “E” (document accepted with errors).

FA 997 rejected invoice:


    • AK5 – will contain an acknowledgment code of “R” (Document rejected).
    • Refer to the X12 standards reference guide for further explanation of the 997 Transaction and its elements.


If the invoices pass EDI syntax validation but result in content errors processing by the Accounts Payable System again you will be notified by email and expected to address and correct the issue.

If after the initial notification the error is not addressed and corrected or it resumes immediately thereafter; or the error is critical in the sense that it will result in manual intervention to continue processing; or no response is received to the notifications – then future invoice processing will be flagged to reject. At that time, the 997 will be returned with an error code of ‘R’ signifying rejected. Also, the Rite Aid Accounts Payable Department will be notified of the occurrence.

In addition, if there is no response and corrective action to the reject notification – the vendor will be required to re-test and be certified for EDI through SPS Commerce.

We appreciate your assistance and attention on this matter.


Thank you.


Rite Aid
EDI/B2B Department