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April 5, 2011

Rite Aid DSD Vendor:


The purpose of this communication is to bring to your attention Rite Aid’s current EDI invoicing requirements for Direct-store-delivery (DSD) Vendors. First, DSD vendors are expected to be compliant and support EDI invoicing. Second, those that are complaint had been requested early last year to support item level invoicing in accordance with Rite Aid updated EDI guidelines.

Electronic invoicing has proven to be the most efficient way of conducting business for all involved. Rite Aid Corporation is requesting that all EDI invoices and credits associated with Direct Store Deliveries include line item detail. The line item detail should include valid UPC numbers, item descriptions, quantities, and associated costs per item in accordance with Rite Aid EDI guidelines and requirements.

Please review the EDI DSD Invoice (810) requirements located on the Rite Aid EDI/B2B Trade Services with in the Rite Aid Supplier Portal. Go to www.riteaid.com, then select Our Company tab and then go to Supplier Portal.

If there are any questions, please reference the information below or contact us directly for assistance.

v EDI/B2B Trade Services web site: http://www.riteaidediservices.com/
v Rite Aid EDI/B2B Department contact information:
· Helpline: 717-731-3815
· Fax number: 717-975-8623
· Fax-on-demand document service: 888-796-3686
· Email: edi@riteaid.com
v Accounting Department- Tony Segin at asegin@riteaid.com or phone 717-730-8238