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June 5, 2012

A system check-up twice a year will keep the company EDI processes, running smoothly through the busiest portions of the year.

1 EDI Source can help determine which transactions should remain in the active EDI Rx database, and which should be moved to the archive database.

We can report on the oldest and latest transaction by trading partner to assist in the decision process.

Trading Partners, themselves, often pull surprises so we can review for any new trading partner transactions without a map associated to them or a new trading partner that has gone undetected.

Your dedicated consultant at 1 EDI Source can also assist and suggest methods to archive the raw EDI data received from trading partners, and the raw EDI data that has been sent to trading partners.

We can review the current processes and suggest improvements, offer suggestions on reporting issues, and review unacknowledged transactions.

We discuss the new features of EDI/HQ, if EDI Complete is the current system, which can be utilized if an upgrade is performed, and offer a migration plan to transfer the EDI Complete data to a new EDI/HQ system.

We check if the most current version of EDI Complete or EDI/HQ is being utilized, and upgrade to take advantage of the newest features and product coding.

We review the current mapping and trading partner setups to determine if best practice procedures are being used and offer streamlining solutions which can cut down on processing time.

Please contact your 1 EDI Source consultant to tune your system to run with peak performance as it was when you “went live” with your first trading partner!

Exercising preventive maintenance, and reducing the volume of data on the system, will improve your EDI processing power throughout the year.

1 EDI Source can prescribe valuable solutions for the current and future trading partner implementations. Just give us a call.