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October 31, 2013

In today’s cut-throat business environment it is critical to increase operational efficiency in order to remain competitive or even viable. This is especially true for smaller enterprises that cannot benefit from the inherent economies of scale and diversification opportunities afforded their larger cousins. This coupled with the increasingly complex nature of business has necessitated the practice of outsourcing.
Outsourcing, of course, is not new and for some functions such as bookkeeping, tax preparation, advertising and many others pre-dates the term itself. There are many reasons why organizations outsource business functions – reducing expenses, focusing on core business, controlling capital expenditures, and so on. For small organizations, another reason to outsource certain business functions is that it provides opportunities to compete with larger organizations.

As an example, say there are three companies competing in a market – Company A, Company B, and Company C. All three companies started out as small businesses, but Company A is now a subsidiary of a much larger corporation and has access to the business functions of that corporation. Company B and Company C remain small businesses.

All three companies have submitted a bid for a contract with XYZ Corporation. One of the provisions of the contract is that all documents must be transacted via EDI. Company A knows that it will have access to its parent corporation’s EDI department, so that will not be a problem. Company B outsources their EDI operations to 1 EDI Source, so they won’t have a problem either. Company C, however, is hoping that they can figure out what EDI is before XYZ Corporation calls.

Now, let’s say you run a third-generation family-owned distribution company. Your company has seen moderate growth but is starting to lose key accounts because you are unable to transact documents via EDI. You don’t have the time nor the expertise to start putting together an EDI system – what do you do? (You certainly don’t want to be like Company C.) The answer is simple – you give 1 EDI Source a call.

EDI has to be a part of your business. But it is a part of your business that YOU don’t need to focus on. Let the experts at 1 EDI Source handle your EDI operation for you. That is a soup to nuts solution – hardware, software, security, communications, trading partner relationships – everything. You decide what, if any, alerts or reports you want to receive. And rest easy knowing that there is a dedicated team of professionals managing your EDI tasks.

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