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October 12, 2018

Office Depot announced an EDI update concerning trading partners using SSL for AS2 Communications for EDI with Office Depot.

Vendors will need to update to the new Office Depot SSL certificates to avoid communication disruption. Around the week of October 23, 2018, Google Chrome will completely distrust all Symantec certificates. This could cause trading partners to receive a certificate error when communicating with Office Depot when using Google Chrome or not, so action must be taken before October 23rd of this year.

Due to the unknown consequences of this distrusting, and the specific timing of this for the Office Depot SSL & AS2 certificates, Office Depot has obtained new SSL certificates.

Office Depot’s SSL test certificate chain has already been updated.

Office Depot’s SSL production certificate chain will be replaced on Monday, October 22, 2018 at 11:00 AM Eastern Time.

This is where the Office Depot AS2 Names are B2BWMVENDORS for test, and B2BOFFICEDEPOT for production.

If you use SSL for AS2 communications for EDI with Office Depot, you must change the production SSL certificates you have on file for Office Depot at the same time they change theirs.

Both new top-level certificates (b2bwmtest.cer [test] and b2b.cer [production]) are available at https://b2bwmtest.officedepot.com/EDI/B2B_certs.zip

Depending on your own system’s configuration, you may have to obtain the intermediate and root certificate for the chain from within the b2bwmtest.cer file for test and within the b2b.cer file for production.

Contact the Office Depot B2B Team if you have any questions about this certificate update at b2bteam@officedepot.com.

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