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November 4, 2009

Update Family Dollar 864 EDI T-Set

As part of the Family Dollar migration to a single EDI translator, the current 864 transaction will have a change in Sender ID effective on 10/15/09.

The current Sender ISA ID of 01*024472631 will be replaced with ZZ*FAMILYDOLLAR. The GS value will also convert to ‘FAMILYDOLLAR’.

The use of the 864 at Family Dollar is limited to providing our partners detailed error information regarding 810 invoice processing.

If you are unable to support the change in ID’s on the 864 only, please respond to this email. If you utilize a 3rd party service to process your EDI transactions we will work directly with your service provider to facilitate this change.

**Note this change only effects the Sender ID on the 864 transaction at this time. The 850/860 transactions will be converted at a later date.**

Thank you for your continued support of Family Dollar’s eCommerce initiatives.

Jim Jones
Spvr eCommerce Applications
704-847-6961 ext.5263

Production support: EDI@familydollar.com
EC Website: FamiliyDollar.com