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February 27, 2008

Nordstrom Trading Partner Update and EDI Enhancements 

EFFECTIVE 8/30/2007 – Nordstrom Direct ASN Requirements – See links below – letter informing vendors they will need to begin sending accurate ASN’s and carton labels for our Nordstrom Direct non-drop ship division.

If not already doing so, Nordstrom Direct ASN’s should be sent under the existing Full Line Store/Rack requirements and EDI ID of 12/2062336664. Nordstrom Direct ASN~s should be sent to DC 0599/Store 0808 as specified in your purchase orders. Charge backs for non-compliance begin January 1, 2008. 852 Sales Information – Beginning September 30, vendors who receive the 852 transaction weekly from Nordstrom will begin to receive information for our Nordstrom Direct division. This will be sent as location 0808 in the SDQ.

850/860 Pre-Mark Indicator – Beginning October 10, the pre-mark indicator informing vendors if they need to pack merchandise in ‘BULK’ will be sent in the REF*QC segment for our Full Line Stores, Rack and NDirect non-drop ship divisions (NPG vendors already receive this information). This will require a mapping change. The new mapping specifications can be found on our website — www.nordstromsupplier.com. On a side note, Nordstrom will also be correcting the double line item issues on the 860. As you may recall, if a line items changes twice (add a store and delete a store) we used to send the item twice. We will now just send only one line item which will incorporate all line items changes!

09-14-07 Nordstrom Direct ASN Requirements Letter.pdf
09-17-07 Notice EDI Changes Premark.pdf