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January 15, 2009

Nordstrom is realigning some stores and DC responsibilities in order to better serve our customers.

Effective February 1, 2009 the following stores will be serviced by our DC 699 in Upper Marlboro, Maryland:

Store FLS/Rack Location
227 FLS Beachwood Place, OH
234 FLS Easton, OH
237 FLS Ross Park, PA
241 Rack Cleveland, OH

Merchandise shipping on or after February 1, 2009 for these stores must be routed to DC 699 in accordance with our Nordstrom Supplier Routing Guide.

Failure to make the appropriate changes may result in freight chargebacks for shipping to the incorrect DC.

Please visit our Routing Guide at www.nordstromsupplier.com for detailed information.

If you have questions regarding this change please contact our Transportation Team at traffic@nordstrom.com or by phone at 877-444-1313 select option 4, then 1.

Loren VandenBerghe
Director of Transportation
Nordstrom Inc.