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April 30, 2008

The VICS Collaborative Commerce Achievement Awards rank among the most prestigious in retailing, consumer goods, and related industries.

The Awards were designed to identify and reward excellence in supply chain collaboration

1 EDI Source has been nominated for Best Third-Party Technology Provider. This award will be presented to a systems provider that has developed and/or implemented systems and practices proven to be cost-effective and resulted in supply chain improvements. Winners of the VICS Achievement Awards are decided by votes of the VICS Board of Directors and will be held in conjunction with the U Connect conference in Dallas, Texas on June 11, 2008.

The Awards recognize the positive results of company-wide dedication to customer satisfaction that have made continuous improvements to the supply chain.

1 EDI Source was nominated for the Best Third-Party Technology Provider award for their “Sub-BOL List for the VICS Master BOL Report” within the ASN application software, ASN Complete. This report addresses VICs guidelines that do not provide instructions for referencing a lengthy listing of underlying BOLs (sub-BOLs) when the Special Instructions section of the Master BOL is not large enough to accomodate all sub-BOLs for a single Master BOL.

The benefits of this technology allow users of ASN Complete the immediate and user friendly option of having a sub-BOL list print along with the Master and sub-BOLs. This eliminates the task of having to manually enter sub-BOLs and/or manipulate customer order and carrier information sections in order to accommodate this specific data. In addition, by eliminating manual data entry of duplicate data and use of text fields for purposes other than what they were designed, this streamlines the sub-BOL reporting process.

1 EDI Source is constantly listening to customers and looking for new ways to improve the functionality and usability of their already comprehensive software and services offering by providing seamless and user-friendly enhancements.