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Why to Move to EDI/HQ™

We at 1 EDI Source, Inc. have been working hard to bring you the very best EDI software available, and are greatly excited to announce an opportunity for you to experience EDI/HQ™, 1 EDI Source’s next generation of EDI software. We’ve taken the knowledge gained from more than 20 years in the EDI industry, combined it with the features and functionality that are the backbone of the EDI Complete series of applications, and re-envisioned them in EDI/HQ™.

The top 5 reasons to move to EDI/HQ™:

1. Dashboard - EDI/HQ™ launches with a summary dashboard that provides you a quick glance at key data, errors or other critical events, and then allows you to dig in for more detail. You choose the optional widgets that you want to appear on your dashboard, and customize them to show the information that matters most to you.

2. Duplicate ISA & Transkey checking - EDI/HQ™’s new business rule validation allows you to halt duplicate transactions before they are processed and imported into your backend system (duplicate ISA checking). EDI/HQ™ can also stop duplicate application data from being mapped and sent to your trading partners (duplicate “transkey” checking). Our duplicate transaction ID monitoring can help save you from potential chargebacks, confusion, and delayed payments.

3. New alert system - EDI/HQ™’s new alerting system can notify you via e-mail or SMS text messages when critical events happen in your EDI processing. Information that you can choose to receive in your alerts includes the following examples: EDI from a new trading partner (or t-set) has been received, or an incorrectly formed interchange envelope was received.

4. Redesigned View EDI Data window - We have redesigned the View EDI Data window to include advanced EDI filtering to help you get to the data that is most crucial to you. Filtering that you can then reuse on your dashboard or reports. We have also added the ability to view side-by-side comparisons of important aspects of an EDI transaction such as your application data and your EDI data or your EDI data and EDI syntax errors.

5. New combined process for reporting - We’ve reworked the automation portion of EDI/HQ™ (jobs and processes) to provide an easier to use rules-based engine for defining processes. And we’ve added new/better processes, including a more powerful Report process that allows you to create a report, e-mail it and archive it – all in 1 easy step.

Show me how! We would like to offer you a chance to see EDI/HQ™ in action with a demonstration of the software. If you would be interested in joining our demo and are a current client, please contact your EDI Consultant. He or she will also be able to answer any technical questions you may have. If you are not a client please contact Noreen at 877-334-1334 x142 or noreens@1edisource.com and she will provide the date, time and login information. We hope you join us to experience our great new EDI software.

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Let's Talk About the Data Requirements

Your customer requires all invoice line items to be reported as ‘Each’, and your data is reported in cases. Or your customer can only accept promotion deal discounts at the line item level, and your application data reports promotional deals at the summary level. With the data currently available to you, how will the customer requirements be met? Let the professionals at 1 EDI Source, Inc. explain how. Using our world class products, in conjunction with our consulting services, we consistently solve the data requirements of your customers.

Your customers will always be making changes to their data requirements as standards, laws, and business needs change. EDI can easily be the buffer for change. Using the products and services of 1 EDI Source, Inc, you can reduce or eliminate costly changes to your ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) or DRP (Distribution Resource Planning) systems.

Tip: EDI/HQ™ Automation Made Easy with Jobs

Efficiency is important to any company, large or small. EDI/HQ™ offers many techniques and features which allow companies to process EDI efficiently. One of them is Automation Processing. With EDI/HQ™ creating a process is literally as easy as 1-2-3! Processes make up Jobs that you want to run at times that will be effective for your business. Create processes to import your EDI data, run reports, e-mail those reports, export data and organize your data. Incorporate those processes into a job and you are on your way to easy automation! To get started or to learn more contact your EDI/HQ™ consultant today!
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