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One Step Reporting in EDI/HQ™

Did you know that setting up an automated report e-mail is a one step process in EDI/HQ™? As 1 EDI Source, Inc. has evolved as a company, finding better and more efficient ways to get the same tasks done, our software has also. There are numerous examples within EDI/HQ™ that show the efficient and simplified manner in which it thrives. Setting up automated report e-mail is an excellent example of EDI/HQ™’s advancement. With a few clicks of the mouse and taps of the keyboard, you can have EDI/HQ™ generate a report to your specifications, export it to a file, and have it e-mailed to you. All of these options are customizable, such as time span for the report, or a type of file format to export it as, or even sending it to multiple e-mail addresses at once. EDI/HQ™ has benefited from the decades of EDI experience built up between its developers, and paired with suggestions from you, the user, on what you want to see in your EDI software.

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AS2 Complete - You're Cordially Invited!

Are you currently using a VAN for your communications? Are you trying to cut business costs? We invite you to check out our AS2 software AS2 Complete. To cut costs, you may be able to trade your monthly charges for a one time setup fee and a yearly license fee. With a VAN services you call into a Help Desk and get whoever is available, with 1 EDI Source you have a dedicated consultant. Your consultant will assist you with the software install (that is, if you need our help...it’s that simple) and we’ll always be here to assist you.

With a VAN you have to either call into a Help Desk or log onto their website to research your documents and to verify if something has been sent or received. When using a VAN, it can take hours for your transactions to leave your door and reach the intended party.

With AS2 Complete – everything is at your finger tips. AS2 Complete will run directly on your own system, you have control over the entire software. Using AS2 Complete the document leaves your door and is immediately delivered to its destination – no middleman.

Integrating Apparel Magic with EDI WebSource

Did you know that 1 EDI Source, Inc.’s EDI WebSource solution can easily integrate with Apparel Magic software? Would you like to utilize the web pages and also your back end system at the same time? Our EDI WebSource solution can integrate purchase orders, advanced ship notices and invoices with your Apparel Magic software. This will eliminate double keying of data and save you time and money. EDI WebSource can send you files to import directly into your Apparel Magic software. And the files that you export from Apparel Magic can be integrated directly with EDI WebSource.
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