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September 4, 2020

EDI Insider Newsletter September 4, 2020

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Looking for EDI Information in the Healthcare Industry? We’ve taken our popular “EDI 101 Guide” and customized it for the Healthcare industry. Our EDI 106 Guide provides crucial EDI and Transaction Set information.

Learn About EDI Best Practices and How EDI Can Improve Your Business Operations with Our Free EDI 106 Guide!

Explore these great EDI topics and more!
  • Key Benefits of EDI within the Healthcare Industry
  • What is Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)?
  • How to Start Utilizing EDI
  • EDI Standards
  • Most Common EDI Transaction Sets (T-Sets) within Healthcare
  • EDI Process Flow
EDI HQ: How To!
“Purge Transactions” Process – How to Set it Up

Recently a new process was added to EDI HQ – “Purge Transactions”. This process is quite powerful because it allows users to schedule a job containing it or click a button to run a process that deletes transactions. Using this process can simplify cleanup of a system. But it needs to be used with a great amount of care to ensure that transactions that need to remain are not unintentionally purged.

In order to ensure only a desired outcome, we recommend users first set up a transaction filter that will capture only the transactions that will be deleted. In this example, we are selecting transactions having duplicate transkeys. The filter was saved with the descriptive name “Duplicate Transactions.”
Once the transaction filter has been created, go to Processes and create a new one. Give it a name and select “Purge Transactions” for the type of process.
There are two options in the Purge Transactions process: “Delete transactions using a filter” and “Delete transactions older than some number of days.” One or both options must be selected in order to save the process for use.
If a filter is to be used, select the first option and then click the “specified” link and select the previously-created filter.
If the number of days transactions have aged beyond, and will need to be purged, select the second option and then enter the number of days desired.
After configuring the process as desired, save it. It is now ready for use either manually or from a job.
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