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September 20, 2019

EDI Insider Newsletter September 20, 2019

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New Drop Ship Compliance Program Now in Effect for Saks Fifth Avenue and Saks Off 5th Vendors

Saks Fifth Avenue and Saks Off 5th have launched a new drop ship compliance program with new chargebacks and changes to compliance requirements that is now in effect. Learn more about all the details straight from Saks Fifth Avenue in this post.
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EDI HQ “How To”?
Full Text Indexing – Setting It Up From Inside EDI HQ 

Activating Full Text Indexing Inside​ EDI HQ​

EDI HQ comes with the capability to add Full Text Indexing to databases directly from EDI HQ. For databases not already having Full Text Indexing,​ this can be the simplest way to have it added. The full text index is used by EDI HQ to find specific records by searching and filtering for specific information in EDI Data or Application Data in the Transaction Filter screen.

First, the SQL installation must have Full Text Indexing capabilities installed and activated. Second, the user running EDI HQ “As Administrator” will need to have dbo rights to the database. A “data reader/data writer” will not have sufficient rights for adding full text indexing.

Open the Manage Data Sources screen (available under the Setup menu).

Select the Data Source for which Full Text Indexing needs to be set up. Open the Data Source editing form for the selected data source. If full text indexing is not enabled, there will be a message beside the Data Source Type stating “Full-text indexing is not active.” Click the OK button.
The message “Would you like to activate full-text indexing on this data source” will pop up. Confirm “Yes”.
After full text indexing is activated, “Full text indexing active” will be displayed on the data source setup.
Note: occasionally, a SQL installation will not be set up for full text indexing. When that situation is encountered, attempts to create full text indexing will result in the following message. As it is a function of the SQL installation, EDI HQ cannot create the full text index.
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