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September 13, 2019

EDI Insider Newsletter September 13, 2019

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EDI X12 Transaction Set Quick Reference Guide
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We have taken the time to provide you with all of the information you need about EDI X12 and EDIFACT transaction standards with hundreds of easily searchable t-set pages. Learn about what each transaction is for, how to use it, and get free t-set codes.
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EDI HQ “How To”?
EDIFACT Delimiters – Default vs Custom

Unlike X12 EDI, EDIFACT has standard delimiters. In regular EDIFACT files the delimiting is as follows:

Data Element Separator = +

Component Element Separator = :

Segment Terminator = ‘

Decimal Mark = .

Escape/Release Indicator = ?

Below is a sample EDIFACT showing the standardized delimiting. (New lines added for clarity – they will not actually be in the EDI file.)

NAD+BY+1111::9++SAMPLE CO’

​It is possible to use delimiting that is non-standard. This requires the use of an additional segment ahead of the UNB segment – the UNA segment.

The UNA segment is set up as follows. The UNA segment tag plus the exact characters to be used for delimiting.

UNA01 – Component Data Element Separator (default = : )
UNA02 – Data Element Separator (default = + )
UNA03 – Decimal Mark (default = . )
UNA04 – Release Indicator (default = ? )
UNA05 – Reserved for Future Use (default =  [space] )
UNA06 – Segment Terminator (default = ‘ )

In the top example, a UNA segment is optional because default delimiting is used. If it was to be included it would look like this: UNA:+.? ‘

If non-standard delimiting is used, the UNA segment is required. In the following example, the : Component Data Element Separator has been exchanged for ^, the + Data Element Separator has been exchanged for ~, and the ‘ Segment terminator has been exchanged for @.  

UNA^~.? @
NAD~BY~1111^^9~~SAMPLE CO@

EDI HQ can handle non-standard EDIFACT delimiting. With the inclusion of the UNA segment specifying these delimiting characters, the EDI is valid and will import into EDI HQ without issue.​
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