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October 17, 2019

EDI Insider Newsletter October 17, 2019

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1 EDI Source Offers Expert ERP Integration with a Full Range of Platforms!

1 EDI Source is excited to be a part of Epicor Software; however, we also remain absolutely committed to supporting a full range of ERP platforms, and will continue to offer excellent EDI software and services regardless of the ERP integration needed.

1 EDI Source provides EDI and ERP integration for nearly any ERP system on the market. We’ve also recently completed some terrific enhanced integrations for SAP , Sage Intacct , Microsoft Dynamics 365, and NetSuite. And, our new product roadmap includes plans to provide even tighter integrations with key platforms and expanding our integration partnerships.

Check out our ERP Integration Page for a full list of ERPs we integrate with!
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We cover these topics and much more:
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  • New to EDI insight and direction to increase efficiency of your current system
  • Understand all aspects of EDI: Communication, Data Management, Translation, Integration and Mapping
  • Finding the best EDI solution for your industry
EDI HQ “How To”?
Local Settings Options for Large Data
​​​Setting the “Large Data” Options When EDI or Application Data is Large

Many EDI HQ account systems will only see small transactions and small application data sets. But some can have quite large data sets. Loading the large data sets is not always necessary when a user is going from transaction to transaction in the Transaction Filter screen. Since it takes a little extra time to load​ each transaction, skipping the particularly large ones can save you time.

The settings are found on the Local Settings Forms “Transaction Filter” tab. Activating can be controlled for either of these settings. If it’s only bothersome to load all the large application data in your system, that may be the only setting you need to activate. Simply activate the setting(s) and Save.
Once this setting is activated, for large transactions/application data sets, the following banner will be seen on large transactions.
Clicking the “Load” button will load the transaction.
Likewise with the App. Data tab. When the banner appears notifying you of large data, click the “Load” button.
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