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November 19, 2019

EDI Insider Newsletter November 15, 2019

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Looking for EDI Information in the Transportation and Logistics Industry?  We’ve taken our popular “EDI 101 Guide” and customized it for the Transportation and Logistics industry.   Our New EDI 104 Guide provides crucial EDI and Transaction Set information.

Learn About EDI Best Practices and How EDI Can Improve Your Business Operations with Our  Free EDI 104 Guide !

Explore these great EDI topics and more!
  • Key Benefits of EDI within the Transportation and Logistics Industry
  • What is Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)?
  • How to Start Utilizing EDI
  • EDI Standards
  • Most Common EDI Transaction Sets (T-Sets) within Transportation and Logistics
  • EDI Process Flow
1 EDI Source Offers Expert ERP Integration with a Full Range of Platforms!

1 EDI Source is excited to be a part of Epicor Software; however, we also remain absolutely committed to supporting a full range of ERP platforms, and will continue to offer excellent EDI software and services regardless of the ERP integration needed.

1 EDI Source provides EDI and ERP integration for nearly any ERP system on the market. We’ve also recently completed some terrific enhanced integrations for SAP , Sage Intacct , Microsoft Dynamics 365, and NetSuite. And, our new product roadmap includes plans to provide even tighter integrations with key platforms and expanding our integration partnerships.

Check out our ERP Integration Page for a full list of ERPs we integrate with!
EDI HQ “How To”?
Reconciling Transactions When Partner Sends Different Headers 

Sometimes trading partners send acknowledgements using different ISA and/or GS IDs than what you are using. New partnerships can be created when this happens, and the transactions will likely not be acknowledged as desired.
Below you can see the different IDs set up for the partnerships.
1. Edit one of the Alias fields, so that they are the same.
2. Verify in the General Settings’ Advanced tab that the following setting is active. If it is not active, then activate it and save.
3. Delete the 997 (optional) and re-import the 997. The transactions will now be acknowledged.
This method is the fastest way to get your outbound transactions acknowledging as desired.​
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