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June 7, 2019

EDI Insider Newsletter June 7, 2019

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In Case You Missed It!
Neiman Marcus EDI Update – West Coast Distribution Changes

Updates to West Coast shipping distribution for Neiman Marcus full line and Neiman Marcus Last Call stores. All West Coast Shipments bound for the Neiman Marcus Group FULL LINE and LAST CALL stores listed in this post will be required to have 7077 as the DC location (N1ST04) on the EDI 856 and all carton labeling beginning August 21, 2019 .

Read the full post for all the important compliance requirements of this Neiman Marcus EDI update!
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EDI HQ “How To”?
Taking Care When Changing “Data Scope” in Outbound Map Loops

Building outbound maps takes some know-how. You need to know your data. You usually need to follow an implementation guide to your partner’s specifications. You need to be familiar with your map designer.

In the loops of outbound maps elements using either Delimited Field or Fixed-Length types have the option of selecting the data from the loop iteration – with offsets available – or from the entire document.
In illustration purposes, we’re using the following set of application data:


The usual and default setting is “Data selection is based on loop iteration” with Loop Iteration Offset = 0. This places the data hunt in the “current” application data looping for each pass through the data. When all the mapped loop elements use this default, our output is as so:


Now, if we change the IT101 to use “Data selection is based on the entire document”, the IT101 is changed to be an incorrect value for ALL passes through the data – “ZZ”.


There are valid reasons to change these settings. However, care needs to be taken when changing this option, as incorrect data can result.
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