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July 19, 2019

EDI Insider Newsletter July 19, 2019

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The Home Depot EDI Update – New Supplier Dispute Portal for Canadian Suppliers Only

As of Monday July 22, 2019 , The Home Depot Canada will provide Suppliers with a new Canada Merchandise Payable Supplier Portal (CMP Portal) for all Canada domestic/RDC/cross-dock, cross-border, and online purchases of product for resale.

Read this post for all the details on the portal timeline, usage and benefits of The Home Depot EDI Update straight from The Home Depot Canada.
EDI HQ “How To”?
How to Change the Type of Acknowledgment Being Generated

If you are sending your trading partner normal 997s and they’ve asked you to send detailed (include AK2 & AK5) or even very detailed (AK2 & AK5 plus AK3 & AK4 when there are validation errors to report). How do you change what is being generated?

Currently you’re generating the following:
But it’s not as detailed as your trading partner wants it to be. Open the configuration settings form for the originating T-Set – in this case the 850. Click on the Settings tab. Then click and select the desired type of acknowledgment you need to send. Then Save the T-Set setup.
To then generate a new 997 without importing the transaction again, first mark the 850 that needs the new 997. Then under the “Marked Transaction” menu, select Advanced > Queue for FA Generation…. and confirm “Yes”.
After the transaction has been queued for FA generation, go to the main EDI HQ screen and click on Tools > Advanced > Data Source > Manually Generate Functional Acknowledgments, and confirm “Yes.”
A new more-detailed acknowledgment will have been created that can now be sent to the trading partner. Once the setting has been changed at the T-Set level, all acknowledgments generated for incoming 850s will be the detailed type.
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