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EDI HQ: How To!
Trading Partner Names/Aliases and Writing to Dynamic Locations/Files

EDI HQ’s ability to use macro substitution to create unique or dynamic files is quite powerful. However, how you choose to name your trading partners and/or t-sets can affect your output in unexpected ways. In the example below, the partnership name and alias are “1EDIQA/1234567890”. There is nothing wrong with this naming convention. However, if the following filespec is used to write the outbound EDI, the results may be surprising: c:\edi\{tpname}\Out\{tset_name}-{controlnumber}-outbound.edi.

In the example below, the partnership and filespec are as follows:
Note the maroon box designating the macro substitution planned for “tpname”.

When transactions are written out for this partner, you’ll notice the path is noted with a ‘/’ within the partner name:
Yet when you search for the file that was output, you find this folder structure:
And, indeed the ‘/’ was “fixed” to become a ‘\’. Writing out created an unexpected “extra” folder.
Now, in some systems this can be exactly the desired outcome. It depends on your setup and what you expect. But using characters such as ‘/’ and ‘\’ within the partnership name or alias – and for that matter, the t-set alias, as well – can provide surprises if you’re not aware of this.
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