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January 29, 2021

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Looking for EDI Information in the Manufacturing Industry? We’ve taken our popular “EDI 101 Guide” and customized it for the Manufacturing industry. Our EDI 103 Manufacturing Guide provides crucial EDI and Transaction Set information.

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  • Key Benefits of EDI within the Manufacturing Industry
  • What is Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)?
  • How to Start Utilizing EDI
  • EDI Standards
  • Most Common EDI Transaction Sets (T-Sets) within Manufacturing
  • EDI Process Flow
EDI HQ: How To!
Understanding EDIHQ and Data Source Version Mismatch Messages

EDI HQ uses databases to connect with and store data. Each version of EDI HQ has an associated data source version that is appropriate. Some data source versions span many EDI HQ software versions; some span only a single software version. 

In the image below, in addition to most of the data source versions being spot-on for the version of EDI HQ, there is both a data source that has the version too low for the current version of EDI HQ and a data source whose version is too high for the EDI HQ. 

In both these cases, the first column shows a caution symbol that is indicative of an issue. There are several reasons other than the data source version that can cause the caution symbol to appear, including permissions to the database.
If we connect to the data source that has a LOWER version than is expected, we will see a message asking whether we’d like to upgrade the data source to the expected version. In all cases, you need to know what installations of EDI HQ are connecting to the data source and will need to connect to the data source. There is no hard and fast recommendation for upgrading or for not upgrading.
If “No” (do not upgrade) is selected, a second message will appear asking whether to continue with opening EDI HQ using the selected data source. As a general rule, it is not recommended to connect.
Similarly, if the data source that is of a HIGHER version is selected, a message will appear. Again, the recommendation is usually to not connect to the data source.
Understanding the different messages and whether the indication is that the data source version is lower or higher than expected will help you determine your course of action.
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