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August 2, 2019

EDI Insider Newsletter August 2, 2019

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1 EDI Source is Now a Sage Intacct Marketplace Partner!
Our EDI software offers native seamless ERP integration with Sage Intacct.

We are now a Sage Intacct Marketplace partner providing seamless direct ERP integration through our EDI software solutions . The 1 EDI Source and Sage partnership delivers an integrated EDI and B2B Visibility solution designed to provide users the ability to access electronic purchase orders in standard EDI formats from their customers, then, ‘flip’ the purchase order into an EDI compliant invoice, reducing supply chain costs, improving delivery performance, and decreasing invoicing issues. 

Read more about our Sage Intacct partnership and ERP integrations below!
EDI HQ “How To”?
Machine Lock – Controlling Which Machine Runs the Trigger
Safeguarding Automation Triggers

EDI HQ now safeguards against the “wrong” machine running automated Triggers on a data source. In some installations and systems, more than one machine might have access to a given EDI HQ database. The reasons can be varied, from need for testing, to need for running reports and monitoring alerts. But if the database was set up to be Active for both machines, and the Automation Service was turned on, the jobs could run on both machines. To safeguard against this, we now have a Machine Lock for the triggers. Each trigger on a data source will be locked to that machine that originally runs the trigger.
Sometimes triggers need to be moved between machines. Say a trigger has been set up and tested on a test machine and now needs to be moved to the production machine. If after importing the trigger and restarting the Automation Service, the newly imported trigger is still not running, check the Machine Lock. 

In this case, the trigger was moved from the DVAPHQTEST07 machine and imported into a data source on the DVAP2019TEST01 machine. But with the Machine Lock still set to DVAPHQTEST07, the trigger will not run. The Machine Lock needs to be reset.
Additionally, sometimes EDI operations need to be moved to a new machine. When that happens, the Machine Lock will also need to be reset. To reset the Machine lock go to Tools > Advanced > Data Source > and click the “Reset All Trigger-to-Machine Locks…” 
Confirm Yes if you are certain. Now restart the Automation Service. All the triggers in this data source will now reset to the current EDI machine.
Now any active triggers will run on that Active data source.
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