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December 4, 2008

New Feature for EDI WebSource

EDI WebSource can now offer full shipping schedule management for your partners sending 830, 862, DELFOR or DELJIT schedule transactions.

Each week many customers struggle trying to make sense of these transactions by manually comparing to the last schedule, looking for changes or discrepancies. Now with our Schedule Management Module (SMM), EDI WebSource will do the work for you. This new module, only available on EDI WebSource, adds the following features:

    • More efficient workflow, decreasing the time spent processing schedules
    • Automatic tracking of the cumulative quantity shipped by item
    • Alerting when the system cumulative quantities differ from your trading partner’s cumulative quantities
    • Alerting when your trading partner changes the schedule for an item
    • Automatic turn-around into the ship notice (856 or DESADV)

The new shipping schedule management module makes managing your schedules easy.

The SMM will automatically track the quantity you ship by item and compare it to the cumulative quantity the trading partner has received.

Should a discrepancy occur, EDI WebSource alerts you quickly and easily. You can make manual adjustments when they are needed and everything is tracked for you automatically.

Each time a new schedule is received, it will be compared to the previous schedule by item. Anytime your trading partner makes a change to a daily, weekly or monthly quantity to ship, you will be alerted.

Thresholds can even be set so you are only alerted to large changes in the quantity to ship. Changes to the schedule will be noted immediately so you can adjust your resources quickly and improve your fulfillment scores.

When it is time to send back the ship notice, it could not be easier. You simply pick the schedule you are ready to ship and turn it around into the 856 or DESADV. All items and quantities will be filled in from the schedule allowing you to make adjustments only if required. When the ship notice is sent to your trading partner, SMM will update the cumulative quantities shipped automatically.

We are very excited to share the changes we’ve made to EDI WebSource. Call us today and let us show you how the new Schedule Management Module can help ease the burden of managing schedules by hand!