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February 26, 2008

Meijer Trading Partner Update and Compliance

January 16, 2008

Attn Meijer Valued Vendors

Please pass this letter on to the appropriate people within your company.

Meijer is a growth company and consistent with our smart, steady growth plan, Meijer will be opening three new stores in Central Ohio:

    • Meijer store #246 at 8300 Meijer Drive in Canal Wichester, OH
    • Meijer store #234 at 2811 London-Groveport Road in Grove City, OH
    • Meijer store #241 at 7150 Executive Blvd in Huber Heights, OH

Meijer will also be closing three stores in the same markets, dedicating resources instead to providing customers in the Dayton and Columbus markets with brand new shopping experiences. Meijer will close the following stores:

    • Meijer store #59 at 5800 N Chantry Drive in Columbus, OH
    • Meijer store #60 at 775 Georgesville Road in Columbus, OH
    • Meijer store #101 at 2744 Harshman Road in Dayton, OH

All Meijer team members currently employed at these closing stores will be offered positions within a new or existing store within their market.

“Evaluating performance and improving our offerings to customers is something we work on every day“, said Mark Murray, President of Meijer. “New stores in Columbus and Dayton, two markets where we are firmly committed will enhance the Meijer customer experience in Central Ohio.”

For General Merchandise Vendors:

    • All shipments to the closing stores, including ad product, have stopped effective Friday, January 11, including SBT and VMI vendors.
    • SBT vendors – you will be contacted by your Meijer replenishment team regarding product or fixture removal dates for the 3 stores that are closing.

For all Foods, Drug Store (HBC and Prescription only), and Diapers:

    • Product flow remains in effect at this time
    • Any exceptions will be communicated directly to individual vendors
    • Changes in product flow for these areas at the 3 closing stores will be announced in the coming weeks.

Please make arrangements with your Meijer corporate contacts prior to removing product or fixtures from the closing stores.

New Store delivery schedules are available through your Meijer contacts now.

If you have any questions about how this affects you as a Meijer trading partner, please contact your Meijer Merchandise Analyst, Planner or Replenishment contact.