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April 14, 2008

Mclane Company is ready to start our EDI standards conversion from 4010 to the 5010 ASCX12 Version 5 Release 1.

Letter from Mclane Company


We currently have the documents in production status within our system. We would like to move your company over to the 5010. I have attached the mapping for the 5010 below along with the ship to location. Please keep in mind that the 5010 documents do not use the duns # they use the GLN ( Global Location Number) which is listed per division on the ship to location documents.

Please advise when you will be ready to make this move?

810V5010 Document
850V5010 Document
875V5010 Document
880V5010 Document
997V5010 Document
AUXSHIP5010 Document
SHIPLOCS5010 Document
HALLSHIP5010 Document


Darlene Graves