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January 17, 2012

We may have an EDI App… or a EDI Script… for that.

When your trading partners, or your internal processes require out of the ordinary data or special handling, contact 1 EDI Source….we may already have that requirement available.

There are custom operators available for file processing; date handling, time conversion, and dozens of others for special requirements. Contact us, to see what is available.

There are many custom processes, which can be added to jobs to ensure a successful trading partner implementations. Contact us, if you’re in need of a unique file naming process, need to replace data strings, must test files for zero data, unwrap data files, and wrap data files. We’ll have a process for that…!

1 EDI Source has the expertise to customize processes to benefit your business. Contact us, and realize the benefits of custom operators and processes, that improve the business relationship with your trading partners.

Contact us, now, and remove those integration dilemmas from your ‘To Do List’. Our world class products and services will improve your business integrity and your income statement.