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August 5, 2010

Mapping Tip: ODBC File Definitions with XML

Are you tired of changing your map when your database structure changes? We can help!!

Often, data is extracted from a database using ODBC and is returned in a delimited/positional format. The more fields extracted, the more fields there will be in the delimited file. When designing the map the field position number is needed. Counting and keeping track from the beginning of the file record to the needed data field can be annoying and time consuming, especially when there are many fields.

EDI/HQ™ has an easier way that makes map designing MUCH easier. Simply change the output from delimited data to XML and then use XPath queries in the map. The data will be automatically formatted with the table field names as node tags. An additional benefit: mapping changes are minimal when fields are inserted into the table.

Using XML and XPath queries will increase accuracy and ease when mapping your outbound EDI by eliminating the need to constantly reference file layouts while creating and editing outbound maps. For more information give us a call 877-EDI-1EDI.